Business License Inspections

The West County EMS & Fire Protection District conducts annual fire safety inspections on commercial buildings within our District. These inspections check the basic life safety systems in the building to ensure that they are being properly maintained in accordance with all applicable codes.

We conduct several thousand inspections per year and make every attempt to complete the inspections well in advance of the due date for municipal business licenses. We visit and inspect each commercial building at least one time in a calendar year. Our inspections are valid for 365 days from the date of issuance, therefore an inspection completed and passed in November or December is valid for the business license renewal the following April or May. (e.g. inspection dated 11/4/17 is valid for a municipal Spring 2018 Business License renewal)

The Adobe PDF files linked on this page represent the most current list of business license inspections for the municipality shown. The list shows the commercial addresses in the municipality and groups them according to their inspection status. Inspections shown in Green are complete and passed. The inspections shown in Yellow have revealed deficiencies that require correction before building inspection is passed. Within each color code, the commercial buildings are ordered alphabetically by street name then by address.

If your building shows a status of REINSPECT, please contact your building property manager and urge them to complete the required repairs. We will re-inspect the building upon notification from the building representative that the repairs have been completed and the list will be updated accordingly.

We are in the middle of transitioning to a digital system that provides real-time access to fire crews for building information and features, including photos of things at each business like electric, gas and water shutoffs, fire service features and after hours contacts.  This will involve a detailed documentation of every commercial property in our District this year.  As such, we will be advising of any fire hazards when we gather the information on site, but there will not be a traditional “inspection” in 2021.  We will resume them next year.  We will be working with Manchester and Winchester for them to process 2021 licenses without a fire inspection to avoid unnecessary delays.

If you have any questions, please call us at 636-227-3030