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A new push is being made to get people prepared for natural disasters after recent hurricanes and earthquakes

8:10 PM, September 20, 2017
Andy Banker, KTVI

CREVE COEUR, MO – There has been a steady stream of natural disasters in recent weeks.  Now, there’s a new push for you to stock your freezers but it's not what you may think...

Fire departments stress fireworks safety ahead of Fourth of July holiday

5:29PM June 27, 2017
Dan Gray, KTVI

MANCHESTER, MO - The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and that means it’s time for fireworks displays.  But setting off your own fireworks is illegal in many areas around the region. Area fire departments officials are reminding the public of the potential danger and legality of homemade shows...

Firefighters warn of fire risk with space heaters

7:56 PM. CST December 14, 2016
Jacob Long, KSDK

WENTZVILLE, MO. - Firefighters in Wentzville responded to an all too familiar call late Wednesday morning.  “All signs are pointing to a space heater left on,” said firefighter John Schneider. The house fire off Old 61 didn’t hurt anyone or cause much damage, but it remains an example of what area firefighters would like to avoid this winter...

West County EMS & Fire helps install handrails, safety devices in Ballwin couple’s home

8:51 PM, SEPTEMBER 8, 2016

BALLWIN, MO (KTVI) - It’s a story of firefighter-paramedics truly going beyond the call for a Ballwin couple in need.  Joe and Merridee Wildeisen are disabled seniors. Merridee is fall-prone and Joe is unable to help her get back to her feet. The couple had to call 911 for help weekly, maybe daily, or sometimes several times-a-day...

West County Fire & EMS starts campaign to stop parents and caregivers from leaving children in hot vehicles

6:54 PM, JUNE 14, 2016

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - The heat is proving to be dangerous in St. Louis and across the country.  A West County teen is recovering from heat exposure after passing out during a morning run.  There are renewed concerns about children being left in hot cars...

Emergency Responders prepare for possible flash flood scenarios

5:46 PM, JUNE 30, 2016

MANCHESTER, MO (KTVI) – With the possibility of rain and flash flooding this holiday weekend, many first responders are making sure they’re prepared for dangerous situations along low-lying areas and rivers.  Firefighters with West County EMS and Fire are taking no chances with the heavy rain expected and are gathering and preparing all of their equipment beforehand, ready to go at a moment’s notice to assist the public if called upon.  Crews have spent countless hours out on the river making water rescues...

Firefighters warn homeowners of a hidden danger

6:48 PM, FEBRUARY 15, 2016

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - Fire wiped out a Ballwin home and sparked a warning from firefighters about a very prevalent, but hidden danger in St. Louis area houses: aluminum wiring.  A West County EMS & Fire “Helmet Cam” showed the extensive damage to a home in the 900 Block of Glen Mill Drive late Saturday afternoon.  Homeowners often overlook aluminum wiring. It's popular in homes across the area, built from the mid-60's to mid-70's...

Rescuers: Don't trust St. Louis ice

6:47 AM. CST January 26, 2016
Casey Nolen, KSDK

MANCHESTER, Mo. (KSDK) - Footprints on a frozen pond-- that's what West County EMS and Fire crews found recently in a west St. Louis County subdivision  Firefighters say, along with the sledding tracks, it's a sign that kids are taking a dangerous risk playing on frozen ponds.
There have been multiple incidents on the ice in just the past few days across the bi-state. And firefighters are warning kids and adults alike to stay off the ice as changing temperatures make it more dangerous as ice thaws and refreezes...

Santa visits children in West St. Louis County

9:40 PM, DECEMBER 4, 2016

Santa toured part of West St. Louis County Sunday evening. The West County Fire & EMS gave Santa a lift so he could visit children and families in subdivisions...

Campaign to stop drivers from locking kids in hot cars generate high demand for window clings

6:37 PM, JUNE 29, 2016

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - There’s been an overwhelming response our report earlier this month on a St. Louis campaign to keep kids from dying in hot cars.  Four more U.S. children have died after being left in vehicles in the past two weeks bringing the total to 16 through the first half of this year (none in Missouri or Illinois), which may signal the reverse of a downward trend. The total dropped to 24 in 2015 after soaring to 44 in 2013.  Even though St. Louis’s heat wave has broken this week, the danger is still here...

Heroin use in public on the rise

10:42 PM. CDT July 14, 2016
Jacob Long, KSDK

ST. LOUIS - It’s a place where Casy Damous of south St. Louis likes to walk his dog.  “It’s a really good park. It's not a bad park like everybody thinks it is. Not a bad park,” he said.  But first responders said South St. Louis Square Park on Broadway is plagued with a dangerous problem. It’s one Damous has seen first hand...

Smartphone apps provide critical emergency information

11:08 PM. CDT May 03, 2016
Jennifer Meckles, KSDK

One device that almost everyone carries could also help save its user's life. In addition to making phone calls, snapping pictures, and sharing life updates on social media -- many cell phones now allow users to store important medical information for easy access in an emergency.
On Apple iPhones, the latest operating system comes with a built in “Health App"...

Collisions involving deer expected to rise during mating season

6:45 PM, NOVEMBER 20, 2015

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - A warning for drivers: there are signs of a looming spike in crashes involving deer in the St. Louis-area.  There have been more deer sightings along the roadways and more shattered windshields.  A recent study shows it's likely that one in every 120 Missouri drivers will hit a deer this year. Missouri has moved up from 18th to 17th in the nation in that category...

Sonar the dog to the rescue

6:25 AM. CDT March 28, 2016
Mike Bush, KSDK

BALLWIN, MO - Ballwin, MO (KSDK) - When it comes to a training facility, the Advanced Center of Excellence in west St. Louis County is often the first choice for first responders.  "We have Missouri Task Force One. We have the FBI who trains here. A lot of our local districts and departments come here to do live burns,“ explained Sara Dayley of West County EMS/Fire.  And now it's gone to the dogs...

New app hoping to improve 911 response times

11:03 PM. CST March 02, 2016
Casey Nolen, KSDK

If you need help in an emergency and call 911 from your cell phone, chances are the smart phone app Uber could find you faster than first responders. That's the warning from the commissioner of the FCC who says 911 service hasn't kept up with smart phone technology.
Now a St. Louis startup, SirenGPS, is working on an app that could allow smart phone users to dial 911 and send specific location information to the operator that the current 911 system doesn’t receive.

West County firefighters rescue dog trapped in pipe

2:02 PM, NOVEMBER 11, 2016

TOWN AND COUNTRY, MO (KTVI) - Fourteen-year-old Max the Sheltie is deaf and doesn’t get around very well, but he pretty well cheated death on Thursday. After letting Max outside for a while, his human, Debbie Dysart, couldn’t find him.  “I looked for about a minute and all of the sudden it hit me to look in that pipe,” she said.  Dysart found him stuck in a pipe beneath her neighbor’s driveway...

Cyclist hit by car, helmet splits in half

8:32 AM. CDT May 02, 2016
Lauren Nobbe, KSDK

WEST COUNTY - West County EMS & Fire PD tell us a cyclist was hit by a car around 5:00 Sunday evening.  It happened at the intersection of Conway and Maryville University Drive, just north of the campus.  The cyclist was wearing a helmet, but was hit so hard, their helmet split in half...

Manchester police officer, 3 West County paramedics among those honored by governor

Dec 16, 2015
Staff Reporter, St. Louis Post Dispatch

A Manchester police officer who crawled through a burning apartment to rescue a trapped resident and three paramedics who treated FBI agents injured in a shootout were awarded the Missouri Medal of Valor by the governor Wednesday.  They were among nine awarded the medal by Gov. Jay Nixon in a ceremony at the Capitol on Wednesday.  The Manchester police officer, Anthony L. Davis, was honored for his efforts to save the residents of a burning apartment on Jan. 3, 2014...

Girl, 8, sends homemade plastic crosses to first responders

7:14 AM, Feb 26, 2016
Harris Hero, KMOV

ST. LOUIS ( – An 8-year-old girl from Madison County is using small pieces of plastic to show how the smallest act of kindness can make a world of difference in someone’s day.  Arianna Nichols makes plastic crosses for firefighters and police officers.  “Well I wanna protect people and spread God’s word,” Arianna said...

Multi-car crash on NB I-270 near Manchester Road stalls afternoon traffic

2:34 PM, DECEMBER 1, 2015

WEST ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI)-A multi-vehicle crash on northbound I-270 near Manchester Road stalled traffic Tuesday afternoon. Several lanes were blocked in both directions after the 2:15pm crash . The scene was cleared around 3:00pm.
West County Fire and EMS reports that only one person in this crash suffered minor injuries. They were taken to the hospital for treatment...

Heavy rainfall across St. Louis area leads to flooding

4:17 PM, DECEMBER 26, 2015
Staff Writer, KTVI

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Saturday's torrential rains sent the area's streams and creeks roaring out of their banks. Two to a much as six inches of rain fell over St. Louis on Saturday. Flooding will continue to be an issue as more heavy rainfall drenches the region Sunday night and Monday.
Water rescue crews with the Monarch Fire Protection District had to retrieve a man from a tree late Saturday night after the man was forced to take refuge from floodwaters.  One of the areas with the most significant problems Saturday was in Brentwood, MO along Manchester Road. West County EMS & Fire reported that they were helping Brentwood fire crews rescue people from floodwaters, pulling people from cars and businesses along the busy stretch of road...

Fatal fires prompt officials to stress safety and having working smoke detectors

8:14 PM, NOVEMBER 22, 2015

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - The deadly fires that claimed the lives of 3 children and 2 adults overnight Sunday, has prompted fire officials to underscore the importance of smoke detectors, and the proper use of space heaters.  Fire officials say working smoke detectors save lives, while space heaters should near be used as a way to provide the main source of heat for your home.  Fire departments across the area are sending a strong warning after three fatal fires struck homes in less than 24 hours...

Hidden dangers of extreme cold weather

9:45 PM, JANUARY 5, 2015
Jeff Bernthal, KTVI

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - It is a busy time for area fire departments. This cold snap has first responders issuing a number of warnings. One of those warnings is to stay off ponds that appear frozen. It seems each year someone falls through ice. It doesn't take long for hypothermia to put a life at risk.  Area plumbers are also preparing for a busy week. They hope homeowners will take precautions when it comes to keeping pipes from freezing. If they do freeze, one area fire chief warns of a potential fire danger...

Community comes together to support Ofc. Snyder's family

6:15 PM, Oct 07, 2016
Kelly Davis, KMOV

ST. LOUIS ( - Officer Blake Snyder's tragic death has taken a toll on the entire St. Louis community. People from all over the area are showing support for Officer Snyder's family and the police department.  His memorial, at the Affton Southwest Precinct, continues to grow. People say they didn't have to know Officer Snyder to pay respects.  "They deserve that respect they deserve our thank you's they just deserve to be honored," said Roselyn Peters, of south St. Louis...

Missouri Task Force 1 deployed to assist flooding

1:01 PM, Dec 30, 2015
Staff Writer, KMOV

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. ( - Missouri Task Force 1, a division of the Boone County Fire Protection District, has been requested for state deployment to assist with the historic flooding in and around St. Louis County.  MO-TF1 sent 22 members from around the state along with their compliment of swiftwarter rescue assets which includes two Zodiac boats, four flat bottom boats, dry suits, life jackets and other support equipment. The task force could be deployed for up to 72 hours...

Firefighters, paramedics present check for Officer Flamion

4:09 PM, Aug 12, 2016
Dan Greenwald, KMOV

WEST ST. LOUIS COUNTY ( - A check for $15,000 was presented to the Ballwin Police Department for officer Mike Flamion and his family Friday.  The check was presented by West County Fire and EMS, which raised the money through a four-hour pancake breakfast.  Flamion was shot during a traffic stop in Ballwin on July 8. He is paralyzed as a result...

One dead, two injured in fiery crash on I-270 in Town and Country

Jan 17, 2017
Kim Bell, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

TOWN AND COUNTRY • A Jonesburg, Mo., man was killed Tuesday and two people were seriously injured when a van hauling a trailer crashed and caught fire on Interstate 270 between Manchester and Clayton roads, police say.  Crews who rushed to the scene initially had a tough time sorting out how many vehicles were involved in the morning rush-hour crash.  A charred van was on its side. The back of a tractor-trailer was on fire. A sedan, a Bobcat loader and a small, upended trailer were in the wreckage and appeared to be sandwiched against the median...

Woman Killed in Crash on Highway 141

9:04 PM, April 9, 2016
Staff Writer, CBS

Manchester, MO (KMOX) A fatal accident Saturday afternoon had Highway 141 closed for several hours north of Manchester. St Louis County Police say a vehicle traveling southbound was making a left turn onto Burgundy Lane when it was struck by a northbound vehicle. 2 persons in the northbound vehicle were ejected. One of them, a 26 year old woman who was driving, was pronounced dead at the scene. The other, a 20 year old woman, is hospitalized in critical condition. Another passenger, a 17 year old girl, was not injured...

Crash snarls Highway 40 in west St. Louis County

Apr 28, 2016
Staff Writer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

A crash involving several vehicles has traffic tied up on eastbound Highway 40 (Interstate 64) in west St. Louis County.  The Chesterfield Police Department said the crash happened about 6:30 and had prompted the closure of eastbound lanes of the interstate at Highway 141. The department warned of long delays...

Three injured when car crashes into Smoothie King in Manchester

Dec 29, 2015
Joel Currier, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

MANCHESTER • A Mercury Grand Marquis crashed through the front of a Smoothie King on Tuesday afternoon, injuring two employees and a customer, police said.  Police were dispatched to the business, 14505 Manchester Road at 4:50 p.m. Officers assisted one of the employees, who was temporarily trapped by debris. Both suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene.  A male customer, 16, suffered an ankle injury and was taken to a local hospital by West County Fire Protection District ambulance, a spokeswoman said...